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How far in advance should I make my reservation?

During Peak season (February, March, and April) it is recommended to place your order by January to take advantage of our discounts on delivery. This allows us to order more inventory and schedule more staff if needed. Some of our items take a month to arrive once ordered. Generally 2-3 weeks in advance is preferred. All equipment rentals are based upon availability. We strongly suggest booking your equipment at your earliest convenience to avoid any scheduling or availability conflicts.

What if I need my order delivered within 24 hours?

Please email us with your list of items letting us know you need something last minute in the subject area and provide the address for delivery, and the best contact number to reach you. We will email you back to finalize and confirm. During peak season or within 48 hours year round this is the best way to ensure you receive your order if it is last minute.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, VisitingBaby, Inc. accepts credit cards, as well as, cash or checks for payment. Sorry, at this

Time we do not accept foreign checks.

Can I add to my order or change my order later?

Yes, you may add items to your order any time, up until the day prior to your delivery assuming the item is available. Call or email us to make changes to your order. There is a 5.00-processing fee to substitute items and make changes to orders booked online and paid for already. If canceling items from your order, the cancellation policy below applies.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made one week prior to delivery date will be refunded 100% of the original order minus the cancellation fee of $25. Cancellations made more than 72 hours ahead of the delivery date will be refunded 50% of their order and charged a $25 fee. After the 72 hour deadline before delivery date,  no refunds are provided for cancellations.

The paperwork entailed for each order to fine tune all of the details is lengthy. Orders are usually prepared a week in advance-sanitized and inspected for functionality and cleanliness. Each toy box is hand packed and can sometimes take an hour. Credit card fees are charged already and paid. Staff is scheduled and items are ordered based on amount of orders placed. Delivery vehicles are packed the evening before. We turn down other clients based on lack of availability. So, we wish that we did not need to charge anything for cancellation but there are costs involved for us when you do so.

Delivery fees range from 0-100.00

How do I arrange for delivery?

Please select your preferred time and if there is a deadline where you must have your items before please write that in the comment section. Your preferred time is not guaranteed but it is used as a guide for us. Preference is given to the first person that placed their order for that day. All other orders going to their immediate vicinity will be delivered around their time. The second preference will go to the second person that ordered for that day in a different area. A circuit route is created and those farthest away that did not order first will more than likely be delivered between 2-5 or 5-8. In order to get a preferred delivery slot it is best to order ahead! If you are ordering very close to when you need your items and it is our peak season we strongly recommend that you order your items for the day before if you have a deadline.

How much is delivery and pick up?

Delivery/Pickup is based upon a mileage calculation from Treasure Island to your delivery address.  Fees range from $0 to $60.00. For orders in the Disney 15 mile radius, Anna Maria Island, and S. Tampa-delivery is free with the coupon code “delivery” if your order subtotal is $70. Clearwater beach to St. Petersburg beach is free with the same coupon code for orders that have a subtotal of $60.

Can you deliver my rental equipment in the evening?

Sure. We can deliver your equipment in the evening and on weekends at no additional cost. There is an additional fee for late night and early morning deliveries and pickups as well as airport deliveries that are set for a specific time and delivery times set during high traffic.

Do you deliver to the Airport?

Yes, Visiting Baby does deliver equipment to airports. When arriving at the airport, we can meet you at the cell phone waiting lot(All airports except Tampa) This is the first left exit once you enter the airport if family members will be meeting us and if you are meeting us after picking up the rental car then we meet you at the cell phone lot after you pick up your car. (Tampa we meet you right before the exit of the rental car garage in the pull off lane.) There we can assist you with the installation of car seats, or help with any questions you may have with setting up the equipment when you get to you’re destination. When you drop your items off at the airport before leaving we meet you at the cell phone lot.

Will you set up my rental crib and other equipment?

Absolutely – we don’t expect you to have to figure out how everything goes together after a long day of traveling.   Crib assembly is included as well as set up of most other items as necessary. We are unable to install your car seat for liability reasons; but we can assist you in putting it in as long as you understand you are responsible for making sure it is safe for your child and you will hold us harmless. We use Graco products so to prepare for their use, please look at the instructions online using the following link:


You can also check your area for the nearest car seat installation location. Many fire departments will provide this service.

Will I receive the exact item shown?

VisitingBaby carries only top quality products from highly respected manufacturers. In most cases

you will receive the exact model; but if availability is low and we purchase another item to fill your order you may receive an item of like kind and quality of the item pictured.

How do I pickup my own items? Can I just go to your location? Will someone be there to help me with my items?

Because we are a delivery business-we are all often out on deliveries so all items for pickup need to be scheduled in advance. You will use a code to access your items on your own and there will not be a staff member there to assist you. We recommend having your items delivered if you will need assistance.

Because items have been stored for a day or maybe a week depending on the time of year-we prefer to sanitize at the time of order and check battery life etc. Ordering ahead allows for this as well.