Delivery Orlando


This is to help describe how delivery works in Orlando. It will help you to know which option to select on your cart especially with the new rules Disney has enforced regarding delivery.

-You are able to pickup your order in Celebration to save on delivery fees. The order must be placed a week in advance.

-If you are staying less than 15 miles from Disney then delivery is free when you order $70 in rental items. Select Disney delivery area and then use the coupon code “delivery”

-Unfortunately, due to new rules at Disney we are no longer allowed to check your order with the bell staff for them to bring to your room when you are available. If you are staying at a Disney resort you are not eligible for the Disney promotion because you now need delivery in an exact time window. Select delivery to Disney area and then select a vip time window for delivery. You will need to be at the resort at those times for us to deliver directly to you and the same applies for pickup. If your ordering $100 then you can use the “delivery” coupon code and just select the VIP time windows. We are just as disappointed as you are about this:( The only way around this is for you to add us as an additional guest and allow us access. For check in I believe that you will need to already be checked in. You then give us a time window to pick up after you leave before your check out time.

-SAVE MONEY!!! If you are a local and expecting friends or family you can also select disney area as your option and use the coupon code and let us know you live here in the comments. This gives us the option to possibly deliver before your day and pickup after your day to coordinate with other trips. We give a call ahead and you give us a time window that you are available that day for delivery if you are not available when they call ahead.

-If you need delivery to the airport it is the most expensive due to the distance the airport is from all other deliveries. It is also an exact time window which costs more. We recommend delivery to a local if possible or delivery to your hotel if they offer a shuttle to and from the airport. If you rented a car then splitting up would be an option for taking the shuttle while the other drives the rentals to the hotel.


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