Delivery Tampa Clearwater St Petersburg area


This is a guide to help you know how delivery works in the Greater Tampa Bay Area.
1.We have three pickup locations in this area-the Tampa airport, Largo, and Madeira beach. Select self service on the drop down and let us know which place you want to pick up.

2.If you are staying anywhere on the beach from Clearwater to St Pete beach or in S. Tampa then order $60 of rental items and use the delivery coupon code to get free delivery. For all other areas please see the list below for the order amount you need to save $20 on delivery.

3.We deliver to every suburb of this area. If you see it on the map on our delivery page we deliver there. If you don’t see the name of your suburb on the drop down window on the cart then please select the closest city to you that you see listed.

4. If you are a local then you select Clearwater beach for your shipping fee, enter the correct address for the delivery on the order form and write in the comments that you live here. You must meet the minimum for your area but this gives you free delivery!!! Delivery may arrive before the day you need it and picked up after the day you need it on alternate days. We call ahead and if you are not available just let us know a window Of time later that you are.
5. Instructions for delivery change based on your accommodations. Please review our FAQ page for instructions for the different airports as well as hotels, vacation rentals, and private residences.


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